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The genocide in Darfur, Sudan.

"The world's worst humanitarian crisis." - United Nations

Crisis in Darfur, Sudan
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This community is centred around what the United Nations has termed "the world's worst humanitarian crisis" in the Darfur region of Sudan. The aim is to promote awareness and action to halt the genocide and provide relief to those suffering. See here for a brief introduction to the crisis and then inform your friends of this tragedy - this activism entry has many good suggestions. We cannot allow a tragedy akin to the Rwandan genocide to happen again. Post anything here that relates to the crisis - news reports, breaking developments, commentary, constructive suggestions, et cetera. Please try to avoid political bias - this community is non-partisan.

Be aware and informed. This crisis demands your attention.

Please note: darfur_crisis does not support any specific aid organisations and has no affiliations. Individual members are free to support any aid organisations they feel is worthy of their support, and discussion of aid programmes is encouraged. Do you know of any organisations you feel should be supported in Darfur? Feel free to promote their activities here. Want to know who is doing what in Darfur? Ask, and hopefully a member can help you. Be courteous and respectful at all times.

Please also note: no promotion of other communities is permitted unless it is actually relevant to this community. In other words, a community about Sudanese history would be very welcome here and likely of interest to some members, but this is by no means the place to promote a frivolous, petty ratings community or anything of the sort. Unwelcome promotions will be deleted, and users who disable comments will be banned.

This community is owned and moderated by axver.