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Rally for Darfur in Boston


Come rally STAPLES to be a RESPONSIBLE coporate sponsor

APRIL 27, 2008
1:00 to 3:00 PM
featuring a performance by ADAM EZRA
Hello everyone, my name is Jamie. I am new to this community and am trying to find more communities that I can get to attend this rally. Basically, one of the few leverage points that activists have to end the genocide in Darfur is China. China is the largest arms supplier to the Sudanese government and has three weapon building factories in Sudan. They are also one of the biggest traders, and most importantly- they give the Sudanese government money for its oil (for PetroChina). Unfortunately, many multinational corporations indirectly fund the genocide in Darfur through their trade with China. For instance, Fidelity was a large Chinese company that funded the Sudanese government... Fortunately, as activists we have gotten them to divest a large amount of their money from Sudan. I am proud to say that as a Simmons student, our colleges money is completely divested from anything that would fund Sudan.

The rally is specifically targeting Staples. One of the Student Anti-Genocide Coalition's (STAND) motives is to target any large corporations that are aiding the Olympics in China. Massachusetts has been given Staples since its headquarters are located in Framingham, MA. The connection with Staples and the Beijing Olympics is that they are providing furniture. We believe that their support of China, a country with massive human rights violations in its own country and in its support of others, violates Staples "Code of Ethics".

For more information, visit the yahoo group of the Boston Darfur Coalition. There are many discussion pertaining to this particular events and others that we have been planning in Boston. If you are not located near Boston, visit,, or

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
PS- sorry for the large amount of spelling mistakes, especially with apostrophes (which I somehow was not taught in my life). Also, if you do want to come- please spread the word!! I have fliers available if you would like some copies!

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