Dori (cleo_eurydike) wrote in darfur_crisis,

Darfur and the Olympics

Olympic Dream for Darfur is an organization trying to use the Olympics to bring attention to Darfur and to put pressure on countries supporting the Sudanese government (China). Unlike some other similar organizations, it is not a boycott of the games. It's more of a call to China to live up to the ideal of the games, that is, international peace, and their own slogan for the games: One World. One Dream (hence the name "Dream for Darfur").

Here's a self description: (in the leaflet)
Olympic Dream for Darfur does not support a boycott of the Olympics.
Our campaign believes in the ideal of the Olympic Games as a symbol of peace
and international cooperation. We do not advocate withdrawal by any nation from this essential forum.

We do believe, however, that the privilege of hosting the Olympics comes
with responsibilities, including acting as a global leader for peace.
There would be no greater example of the Olympic spirit at work than for the
host nation of the 2008 Games to work to alleviate the brutal suffering in western Sudan – suffering in which it is currently complicit.

Go look.
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